Fashion lover and hairstylist from Norway. Passionate about fashion, photography, make-up, hair and anything creative.

I’ve always felt a need to express myself creatively and even though I never saw myself as a “blogger”, this website was born as a result of that need. After all how lucky are we to live in this digital age, where anyone who chooses to can create and put their unique content out into the world?

One of the reasons I love fashion, hair and makeup so much is because it is such a unique way for us to express ourselves and our style. However I never really felt I had the “right” to start a fashion blog. What I mean by this is that even though I love fashion, I’ve never been one of those glamorous girls. I’m not super tall or super skinny, I can’t walk forever in sky high heels ( I will however walk 300 meters in statement heels just to look cool :P). Neither am I rich, own a lot of designer items or buy something new every other day. You will never see me in those extra long bell sleeves, Birkenstocks, PJ’s or Levi’s 501 (they look horrible on me). That doesn’t mean I can’t admire these trends on others, and it definitely does not mean I don’t know style.

The thing is that style (not to be confused with fashionis something very personal. I believe one can be stylish at any age, weight and budget. Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Style is about creativity and self expression. Style is fun. Last but not least, style is for everyone (no matter what the fashion industry wants us to believe). In my opinion there is no right or right or wrong, so own your style like you own your used car (Sophia Amarouso).

I will never be the girl with the perfect hair (at least not for more than like two minutes), but I will always, always love fashion.

On this blog I sometimes use ad-links. This is because I want you to be able to know where to shop the items in my outfits, makeup looks and collages/style guides if possible. I do make a small commission if you choose to buy through the links, but everything that I present on my blog is chosen by me personally and I would never recommend something I was not happy with myself.

If you want to collaborate, guest post or share experiences in any way, feel free to contact me.





This is well done, I`m proud of you! And Your photos are so Nice.


Takk! 🙂


Jeg syns at bloggen din er helt fantastisk! Og har derfor nominert deg til en Liebster award 🙂
Sjekk lenken nedunder til å lese nominasjonen for regler, spørsmål osv..

Gleder meg til å se svarene dine! 😀


Kjempefin blogg!!!


Tusen takk! 🙂

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