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About a year ago I got my first smartphone. Yes, I know you think I must be crazy, at least that’s what my friends told me every time I pulled out my old Nokia from 2006 (It worked perfectly fine and I never had to charge it).

As you might have guessed I’ve never really been that into technology, but getting my first smartphone proved to have a more positive effect on my life than I would have ever imagined. The reason for this was not the phone itself, but the phone’s camera. I did own a camera, but it was a small compact and I only ever used it to take (kind of crappy) holiday photos. Now that I had my camera (phone) with me all the time, I started taking random snapshots of everything around me. This is how I began to rediscover the joys of creativity. Who knew taking pictures could be so much fun.

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Because I’ve always had an interest in fashion, beauty and styling, it was only natural that the next step was to take pictures of my outfits, fashion related stuff and different hairstyles that I made. I never in a million years imagined that I would start a blog, but because I had so much fun creating, I somehow ended up with an instagram account and a wish to take it a step further.

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When I need inspiration I love to make mood boards. I find it really helps boost my creativity.

I’ve known for a while that I wanted to create something more than just an instagram account, but I’ve put it off for a long time because I wanted it to be perfect and I never felt it was good enough, but it can be perfect or it can be done, and done is always the better option. I also have to confess that starting a blog is somewhat terrifying to me. Putting myself and my work out there in the world is really scary. However when I think about how privileged I am, to be living in these times, a time where we all, thanks to the internet, have the opportunity to have a voice in the world. To have that opportunity and not use it. I would be a fool not to try.


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