How I edit my Instagram pictures

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I try to keep my Instagram feed as visually consistent as possible by using pretty much the same filters and sticking to the same color scheme. It’s not a must, but I just think it’s more aesthetically pleasing when the pictures go well together.

The apps I use for editing my pictures are mainly Snapseed and VSCOcam. Snapseed is perfect for brightening dark areas and making whites whiter, or making the dark areas darker. I use the selective tool for this. This tool also gives you the option to desaturate certain areas of your photo (or make them more saturated if that’s your thing), and to adjust contrast where you need it. The next step is adding just a hint of filter in VSCOcam. There are so many beautiful presets there, and I am totally in love with the 05 preset, although on my Instagram pictures I use the HB1 preset, which gives that bright and desaturated look. I recomend to just stick with one preset (even though it’s tempting to get creative and use them all), as this looks nicer on your feed. I usually set my filters at a strength around  6 or 7. Sometimes, if my pictures are too yellow or if there are too many distracting colors in the background, I also use the whitening tool in Facetune, just to make everything a little whiter and cleaner.



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