Can you bare it?


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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We live in a “naked” society. Everybody’s getting naked these days. Whether it’s for the arts, to get famous, for promoting good body image in the media, or to brag on Instagram. Whatever the excuse, it’s hot to be naked. It seems today that taking your clothes off and baring it all on Instagram is no problem. However, baring it all emotionally is scarier than ever before. Why has it become easier for people to show their ass in the local newspaper than it is to tell the people around them how they really feel? I live in Norway, and here people have always been a little withdrawn emotionally. It’s in our culture. In our blood. People joke about how a Norwegian will often rather stand on the bus, than face the “oh so scary” intimacy of sitting next to someone else.

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Then in the last years, with the rise of social networking sites, we’ve also experienced a kind of counter-reaction to this closedness. Some people are now literally baring it all (like too much information all) on social media. Maybe they just got tired of always being alone with their feelings so they decided that the remedy was to share everything, with everyone. However I do think that if you decide to be extremely open in public, it can backfire on you and you might not always get the nice reactions you were hoping for.

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Sharing ourselves with the world is not hard when we put on a mask. It’s when the mask falls off it becomes a problem, yet it might just be the best thing that ever happened. The world needs more “real” people. I’m not suggesting getting naked in public or snapping selfies from the gynecologist’s office. Some things are allowed to remain private. However, stepping up, admitting that we are all human beings, that we have insecurities, that we sometimes make mistakes. That there is no such thing as perfection. To just be ourselves and not try to impress everyone. Telling our friend that those words really hurt us (without blame), saying those three little words to the person we need to say it to, admitting how we really feel. When we dare to stand up and admit to who we really are, we discover that we in fact are not so different from eachother after all. That’s when we make the good connections, and doing that is a million times more courageous than showing off your (I don’t care how much you worked for it!) ass on Instagram.


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