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We all have them. The bad hair days. Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do your hair just wont listen. Below I will share some of my best tips on making your hair look amazing, everyday

  1. Get regular haircuts. Even if you’re growing your hair I recommend getting regular trims. It will make your hair look a lot healthier. Also if your hair is cut in layers, it tends to get a little “flat” after a while, and will be a lot harder to style. When you feel your hair turning on you it’s most probably a sign that you should hit the salon.
  2. Build a relationship with your stylist. As a (former) hairdresser myself I know that the key to happy customers is communication. If your stylist knows you, your style and your hair well, your chances of a satisfying result increases. Don’t be afraid to bring pictures. It is not silly. Sometimes the easiest way to communicate is through a picture.
  3. Use quality products. Don’t think that just because your products are expensive that they will work wonders for you. The best products are the ones that are best suited for your hair. Your stylist is (hopefully) trained in knowing which products will work for you and your hair, especially if he or she knows your hair well. Do not make the mistake of buying a product just because your friend raves about it. Different hair types need different products.
  4. Don’t color your hair at home. You will have limited control over the result, it can damage your hair and it may turn out to be a costly affair to fix it. Find a stylist who is well educated in color theory (yes, you are allowed to ask for a color specialist). He or she will know what colors suit you. Remember to use deep-conditioning treatments at least once a week if you color your hair.
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    Bad hairday? Wear a hat!
  5. Learn how to use heat styling tools at home. If your hair is straight, blow drying will give it more volume and bounce. Practice blowing your hair with a brush for best results. Always blow downwards, along the hair shaft, as this will result in a shinier look and less frizz.  If you have curly hair you can squeeze in some product and let it air dry, blow drying curly hair makes it crazy frizzy if not done right. If you do blow dry, use some anti-frizz serum and finish with a flat iron. A flat iron is probably the most important heat styling tool (after the dryer), and you can use it to both straighten and curl your hair. However if you want there are so many different tools on the market for creating texture. I personally love the mini crimp iron, which I use at the roots to create a lift. I recommend that you always use a heat protection spray before using direct heat on your hair.
  6. Learn different braiding techniques. I learned to braid my own hair on You Tube. There are so many great tutorials there. Be patient. It takes some time to master. Once you learn the braiding techniques, try putting your own twist on it by messing the braids up a bit in different ways. Perfect braids can look a bit boring so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy. If your hair is fine prep it with a texturizing spray first.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  7. Good prepping is key to making any hairstyle last. Nothing is as annoying as when
    you’ve just spent hours getting those perfect curls only to watch them fall flat the minute you exit the door. Spending some extra time blow drying your hair will make your hairstyle last longer. Always use styling products like a styling gel or a mousse before you blow-dry, and remember to use the right products for your hair. If your styling products are too heavy for your hair type it will make your hair look flat and greasy. Finish with a freezing spray. Just remember that no amount of hair spray can make up for bad prepping.
  8. Wear extensions. I personally prefer clip-ons in different lengths, for variation. Always choose natural hair as it looks best, and can be curled and straightened, which is not possible with artificial hair.Processed with VSCO
  9. Remember that perfect hair requires some effort. However if you do a good prep on your hair, it will usually look good for days. It may sound a little nasty for some, but you actually don’t have to wash your hair every day. Try washing it every other day, or even every third day. It may feel greasy at first (if it does, just use some dry shampoo) but in my experience it will get better after a while. Your scalp will also thank you.

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10. If everything else fails, put your hair in a stylish messy bun, a half bun or simply put on a hat. Effortless yet chic.


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