Creativity is the new Chanel

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I’m doing my daily scrolling through my Instagram explore page when a thought pops into my head. “I’m the only person I know who doesn’t own a Chanel boy bag!” Ok, this is only for a micro second before I realize that someone is in desperate need of a reality check asap. I actually do know lots of people with no Chanel bags, but sometimes I get so caught up in the world of social media that I forget what the real world looks like. If you too are somewhat into fashion my guess is your explore page on Instagram is also filled with Chanel boy bags, studded Valentino heels, Balmain dresses and Céline anything. It’s kind of depressing if you don’t have the budget of an average middle eastern sheikh. Sure, you can find a lot of great alternatives on the high street today. You can be well dressed even on a small budget. Still, there is just something about Chanel. The design, the materials, the details, the allure, and it makes me wonder. Can you ever be a successful fashion blogger without the Chanel? The luxury brands? The apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower? The front row tickets to fashion week? The little things that makes you just a little bit better than the rest.

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Quality design is something I will always appreciate, however it isn’t really these material things that hold the real value. The real value is inside you. The real value, which can never be cheapened, mass produced or over hyped, is your creativity. Your uniqueness. No matter how many Chanel bags you own, if you don’t know how to use your creativity, your value to the fashion industry is zero. When you look at an expensive designer item, a super stylish fashion blogger or Vogue Magazine, you’re looking at someones creativity. When you just copy others and mass produce it is not as valuable, because there is no real creativity, no innovation behind it. It is just someone following a formula that already exists. Creativity however is not only something that the high end designers have. We all have it. It is not as evolved in everyone, but I think we all have it deep down and that we can learn to use it just like any other skill.

Why am I calling creativity the new Chanel? I believe that in this day and age as we are facing a massive digital revolution in the working community, the most valuable thing you can own is a creative mind. To be able to do the work no computer can is a million times more important than owning a closet full of designer clothes. Even if you’re set for life, being creative enrichens your life in ways you can never imagine. Next week I will do a post on different ways you can evolve your creativity, so make sure to check that out.


2 thoughts on “Creativity is the new Chanel

    1. Thank you! I’m very glad you liked it. 🙂 The chanel 2.55 bag will to me always represent timeless style and elegance. Strange to think that once it only existed in Coco’s imagination. I’m very thankful for creativity. 🙂

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