My favorite VSCO filters

Tips & How tos

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

As I mentioned in my post how I edit my Instagram pictures one of the main apps I use for editing is VSCO. This is the app I use to apply filters to all my photos, also the ones here on my blog. The reason I love VSCO is because their filters are so pretty and at the same time very natural looking.

My absolute favorite filter is a tie between the 05 and the HB1 preset. The HB1 preset is the one I use on all my Instagram pictures. It’s desaturated, high-key, high-contrast and cool (temperature wise). Perfect for fashion photography, white backgrounds and when you don’t want too much color.The HB1 is a very bright filter, if you want a similar look, but darker you can try the A5 preset which is cool and bluish like the HB1, but darker. The picture below is edited with a HB1 preset which works very well with the black and white color theme. On the picture above with the denim jacket, I’ve used the 05 preset. This is a slightly warmer and more faded filter. It seems to have this beautiful gloss to it. The 05 is a darker filter than HB1 so make sure you use photos taken with enough natural light when you apply this one. I love the effect the 05 filter has on denim, especially ripped denim. I can’t explain it, it just works really well in my opinion.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Another favorite of mine is the S (clean) series, and the S2 preset in particular as this is the coolest (as in temperature) of them. S2 gives a very clean, light and natural look. Almost like there is no filter at all. Try using S2 instead of the exposure tool to brighten your photos before adding another filter on top of it. If you feel it’s too much you can always adjust the filter strength. On the photo below I’ve used the S2 preset at full strength and I still think it looks pretty natural.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

At last I think the T series also deserves a mention. I rarely use it because I usually stick to the same look and this preset has a whole other feel to it, but if you want that matte, faded, moody look, this is the filter for you. On the photo below I’ve used the T1 preset. I think this look is really cool, totally different from the high-contrast look I usually go for. If you love the washed out, faded look, but want to use a different filter you can adjust this under “fade” in the tools section.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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