The little things


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Where I live we have no sunlight from about mid November until late January. Zero sunlight and hardly any daylight. You can imagine then the joy when the sun finally returns. The feeling when the sun starts to shine through my window again after so many months of darkness. I always forget how amazing that feeling is. This got me thinking about how it’s always the little things, the things we often take for granted that bring the most joy. The feeling of fresh air on your face, the way it smells outside when it rains, the taste of a really good glass of wine and rich chocolate, the smell of coffee in the morning, crawling into newly changed and super soft bed sheets at night, a moonlight walk, the sun on your face and wind in your hair, walking barefoot in the grass, the scent of fresh flowers or slumbering in bed til noon on a Sunday.

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It’s not always easy to notice or appreciate these little things. Way too often I find myself busy fantasizing about the future or dwelling on the past. However, when I remind myself to take the time to notice these things, they seem to grow, to multiply.

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Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and just enjoy the moment. When I look hard enough I usually find something to be grateful for. It’s not always easy, but the more I practice it, the easier it becomes. It’s like a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows. I encourage you all to take some time today to notice and enjoy those little things. Have a lovely Sunday.

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