My top 10 wardrobe essentials

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1.The blazer.
In my opinion a wardrobe is not complete if it doesn’t include a blazer. These days it can be worn with anything from a simple white tee, to a dressier silk blouse or a crisp white shirt for work. I prefer to have at least two different blazers. One simple black that can be worn with anything and one tuxedo version for a sexy night time look.

2.The white shirt.
My number two essential is a white shirt. Again I like to have at least two. One slightly over-sized mens shirt and one more feminine and fitted version, which looks super chic paired with high-waist skinnies or a pencil skirt.


The little things


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Where I live we have no sunlight from about mid November until late January. Zero sunlight and hardly any daylight. You can imagine then the joy when the sun finally returns. The feeling when the sun starts to shine through my window again after so many months of darkness. I always forget how amazing that feeling is. This got me thinking about how it’s always the little things, the things we often take for granted that bring the most joy. The feeling of fresh air on your face, the way it smells outside when it rains, the taste of a really good glass of wine and rich chocolate, the smell of coffee in the morning, crawling into newly changed and super soft bed sheets at night, a moonlight walk, the sun on your face and wind in your hair, walking barefoot in the grass, the scent of fresh flowers or slumbering in bed til noon on a Sunday.

Money for nothing and bags for free



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I’m sure many of us have been there. We’ve put our best content up on our blogs. We’ve posted pictures of our (in our minds) unique and fun outfits, we’ve spent days on writing that perfect article, but no one is interested. We start to feel like the proverbial tree in the forest. If no one is around to hear us, do we even exist?

The world loves telling us that anything is possible these days. If you just believe, keep at it and work hard, you can achieve anything. Usually this anything is some sort of fame, and for bloggers, internet fame. A quick google search on getting traffic to your blog, tells us to like and comment on other peoples blogs and social media sites. While this is perfectly fine if you actually like what you’re commenting on, it has one unfortunate side effect. It has created an ugly culture of auto generated spam and comments like “Love this outfit!!, please check out my page.” on pictures of dogs. If we can only get people to see our page, then it’s front row at fashion week next. Right? The fashion blogging atmosphere has become over crowded and chaotic, tainted with a foul stench of desperation.